“The Preschool program is designed around
the basic Montessori concept of “freedom within limits.”


Constructing a proper environment which allows children to learn to be independent individuals builds character and an understanding of one’s role. This leads to the creation of a better peaceful society where we are all members of the human race and must co-exist peacefully in order to survive.

Physical Geography

  • The formation of the universe
  • Earth and all its physical properties
  • The globe of the world
  • Sensory experiences and imaginative stories, to teach children in the Montessori environment about the physical world
  • Building landforms using play dough
  • Puzzle maps with continents and oceans
  • Hands-on activities that build long term memory by physically engaging the hand

Cultural Geography

  • Human society
  • Discoveries about the people who live on different continents
  • Food, music, clothing, traditions, holidays, customs and housing
  • Culture
  • Plants and animals of the region and the comparison of their lifestyles to others
  • Flags of the world
  • Learn the appreciation of the wonder found in the similarities and differences found around the world