“The Preschool program is designed around
the basic Montessori concept of “freedom within limits.”


The Preschool program is designed around the basic Montessori concept of  “freedom within limits.” The environment is prepared with age-appropriate materials and exercises that encourage each child’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm. The equipment in the prepared classroom environment and outdoor area, as well as the consistency of our routines, has all been carefully designed to foster the development of our youngest students.

Education to Fit a Child’s Needs

Montessori International Preschool’s approach is based on the simple concept of tailoring education to match children’s natural tendencies instead of imposing arbitrary rules from the adult world. Children are extraordinarily curious and experiential, and these attributes are respected instead of condemned. Dr. Montessori realized that children learn best through discovery, personal intentionality, and experimentation. These observations led her to develop materials that concretely illustrated abstract principles of mathematics, language, and science. With the use of her interactive materials children depend less on adults and self-correct themselves.

Skills for Life

An important part of each child’s social development revolves around practical life skills. They are encouraged to help clean up after art or activity periods. Teachers also work with our students on cleanliness and hygiene, developing the routine of washing hands before and after meals as well as other appropriate times. We believe toilet training is a normal acquisition that is both developmental and learned and will work with parents to make sure the opportunity is available to the child when the time is right.

Preschool Program Objectives

  • A sequence of routines and educational small group activities
  • Development of gross and fine motor skills as well as cognitive, social and language skills
  • Art, music and free play
  • A wide range of educational topics to explore such as science and mathematics
  • Observational skills to assist the development of each child
  • Variety of educational puzzles, games and books that are designed to meet the developmental stages and sensitive periods of preschooler’s
  • Ample opportunity is provided to explore the outdoor environment and engage in outdoor activities